Relationship therapy

You're in the right place if.. 

You wish to be able to live your most authentic self alongside your partner/s also living theirs.


You want to rediscover the spark that ignited the passion that started your relationship. 


You would like to find a way to ease the seemingly insurmountable issues that feel stuck and painful. 

You're wanting to stay together but find meaningful ways to redefine and renegotiate your relationship.

You would like to find a way to amicably end your relationship and would like professional support with this. 

Having people close by who love us and care for us is a huge contributor to our well-being both. When our connections aren't as we hope, it can have a stressful impact on our sense of self and our bodies.

The intention may be to work through conflict, separate amicably, deepen connection, rekindle love, talk about sex, work through a betrayal, the work of couples therapy is to re-discover more about yourselves and each other to lead you to greater intimacy, connection, fulfilment and understanding of one another.

I work in a diversity-affirmative way and welcome couples of all sexual orientations, genders, ethnic background and relationship styles. In all situations I endeavour to work in a way that is anti-oppressive and non-pathologising.

Please note that this website is in the process of being updated (May 2020).