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Individual therapy 

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You're in the right place if...

  • You'd like to find more purpose and meaning in your life and get connected with what makes you come alive in the world.

  • You're LGBTQIA+ and would like the support of someone who can more easily understand and accept your experiences

  • You'd like to discover and your unique qualities and gifts.

  • You're looking for support for the difficulties you face.

  • You'd like to experience more freedom from symptoms such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues.

Therapy can be an excellent resource to work on these very human issues


The approach that I offer is based on the notion that the things in life that disturb us most can have an important message, letting us know that something needs our attention - an early warning alarm system. Perhaps we're not living our lives to our deepest values or reaching our greatest potential. Therapy can connect us with the deeper meaning of the difficult issues and help us to live truthful, soulful and purposeful lives.

Each session is an opportunity to explore yourself, your feelings and your experiences in life. You decide what we focus on and we'll go at your pace, for the duration that you choose. Our exploration will enable you to rediscover your own inner resources and strengths to understand, work with and to transform life's painful challenges. 

What I can offer is a collaborative relationship that is non-pathologising - I seek to understand what you're experiencing and will not make you wrong for having the experience you're having. I also practice in a way that holds anti-oppressive practice as a priority with an understanding of the systemic oppression/s operating globally such as racism, patriarchy and homophobia. 

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