Therapy can be a great resource to work through the difficulties you're facing in your life - the blocks that hold you back from reaching greater fulfilment. What we discuss is up to you; each session is an opportunity to explore the experiences and issues that feel important. You will determine the pace and the depth of the process. Our exploration may enable you to rediscover inner resources and guidance, innate well-being and abilities to deal with life's challenges. Common issues that are brought to therapy include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, relationship troubles, stress, loneliness, sexuality. Oftentimes people come for therapy due to feeling a lack of direction in life, a stuck-ness, or a feeling of not meeting one's true potential.

Making a commitment to having regular therapy can be hugely beneficial and has the potential to be life-changing though I can't claim that I can free you of your struggles in a few sessions: a lot of the work is down to your own determination, willingness and commitment to courageously facing that which is difficult in your life. Strong emotions may be uncovered, painful memories surfaced or things we haven't fully acknowledged about ourselves may come to light. If these things do begin to stir it can be a sign that something is shifting. At times this can feel scary but is usually a normal and needed part of the therapeutic process. What I endeavor to offer is a reliable, committed and collaborative working relationship (and would ask you to do the same) to patiently face and unfold the dilemmas and difficulties you encounter.