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About me

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It is a deep privilege for me to work as a therapist and I particularly enjoy working with people around the themes of gender, sexuality, identity, finding your unique and authentic self, coming out to the world with who you truly are. 

A bit about me - I am a white British, gender non-conforming, queer person, with a mixed-class background. I continuously work to process the privileges as well as the challenges that these identities and intersections bring. I hold high expectations of myself to practice in a way that is diversity-affirmative and anti-oppressive. Due to the privileges I hold I have blind spots and welcome direct feedback and criticism, especially if I have been hurtful. I especially enjoy working with LGBTIA* individuals and couples.

In my practice I aim for a helpful balance of support (being alongside you and deeply caring about your situation) understanding you (in the context of who you are and the culture in which you live), and challenge (encouraging you to grow when the moment is right).

I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP accredited course) and later completed a systemic coaching training.

I am also a student of Processwork (Process-oriented Psychology), an incredibly rich paradigm with wide-ranging applications. I particularly value Worldwork which is an aspect of Processwork that focuses on the development of a deeper understanding of the ongoing, systemic oppression/s alive in the world today such as racism, patriarchy, transphobia, classism, and homophobia. 

In my spare time I can often be found taking personal and professional development courses, running and walking outdoors, doing yoga, gardening and DIY, having rich conversations and dancing in my living room. 

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